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What’s In The QIN 2020 Guide?

An Overview of QIN

1QBit has formed QIN to be an on-demand resource to help the creation of practical plans for using new technology. The guide begins by providing an overview of the purpose of QIN and available resources. The guide also explains the various levels of QIN membership.

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2019 Trends

Last year was very active in terms of hardware and software developments from start-ups to billion dollar companies. This section recaps technology and scientific advancements including providing expert perspectives on their strategic implications.

2020 Predictions

QIN experts weigh in about the most likely developments to impact advanced and quantum computing in 2020.  In addition to technology, the section also provides perspective on government funding of the emerging quantum computing industry.

Becoming Quantum Ready

The guide concludes with recommendations for  experimenting with advanced and quantum computing technology in 2020. Our next piece will delve more into the challenges associated with becoming quantum ready and how to overcome them.

Read about all the topics above and more in the QIN 2020 Quantum Computing Guide.

Quantum Readiness Takes Focused Discipline

How are you positioning your business while many of the Fortune 100 companies are investing in advanced computing initiatives today?